On November 27 and 28, 2018 USMI hosted the important CarBon midterm consortium meeting in Genova, Italy.
On the first day of the meeting the EU project officer Julien Giordani evaluated the general progress of the project, together with the external expert Daria Julkowska. All the ESRs presented their research and they showed competence and self-confidence. The PIs had the opportunity to get a preliminary positive feedback that will be officially confirmed in the following months.
On the second day the consortium meeting regularly took place. WP meetings, mentorship sessions and an interesting training on MSCs history from lab into patient, extracellular vesicles and translation of a discovery to a product, performed by dr. prof. Rodolfo Quarto, dr. Roberta Tasso and dr. prof. Ranieri Cancedda respectively, filled up the programme.
On November 29 an additional “ESR day ” was added for the first time to the programme, for ESRs only. It was the opportunity to discuss in depth the different lab technologies used in each partner Institution and better plan further secondments and/or collaborations.
The Carbon consortium showed once again unity and proactivity, which will help reaching the future expected scientific goals.
The next CarBon consortium meeting is expected to take place in Frankfurt, Germany, in June/July next year. It will hosted by GU – represented by the PI Frank Zaucke.
Thanks to everyone that made the meeting in Genova possible and successful, in particular Roberta Tasso (USMI PI) and her ESR Cansu Gorgun.