CarBon Study

Developing new treatment options for large bone defects and osteoarthritis.

6 academic partners, 3 companies and 3 charitable foundations, working together to train 14 young scientists.

About the Study

Combining expertise

The consortium combines expertise from cell biology, matrix biology and mechanical engineering. Furthermore, involvement of experts in innovative computational modelling will enable us to bring our research to a new level, maximising the use of all the experimental data generated, significantly improving the identification/ prediction of robust therapeutic targets.

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Training Early Stage Researchers

CarBon is training 14 high potential scientists to combine knowledge of cartilage & bone developmental biology, pathobiology and tissue engineering with skills in cell culture, animal models, proteomics, biomaterial development, bioreactors and computational modelling.

About our ESRs

The balance between cartilage and bone

Identification of cell secreted factors that stimulate or inhibit endochondral ossification. The extracellular matrix and development of novel biomaterial scaffolds. The mechanical environment and use of bioreactors. Towards application and development of new treatments for bone defects and osteoarthritis.

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