ESR 5 Claudio Intini, currently ESR at SurgaColl (Ireland), performed a long secondment period at EMC (The Netherlands). He had the oppotunity to fully experience all aspects of a new contry. Here his short story:

“As part of my project, I recently performed a 4-month secondment from 1st of June to 20th of September at Erasmus Medical Center (EMC) in Rotterdam. During the secondment, I set out to achieve more than one goal. The first one was to successfully assess our developed technology in SurgaColl Technologies Ltd. on collagen-based scaffold biomaterials taking advantage of the several competences in cartilage regeneration present in EMC. The second goal but not the less important was to personally and professionally develop as person and researcher by learning new approaches to the work and to science, enjoying a new network of people and experiences.
Thanks to everyone working in the laboratory but in particular to Enrique (Early-Stage Researcher 6), Dr. Eric Farrell and Prof. Gerjo Van Osch, an excellent work was achieved and the main goals were reached during this period.
In conclusion, I am 100% happy to have taken part to this work/life experience, it definitely boosted my knowledges and ability in science and it allowed myself to fully know, live and visit a beautiful country as The Netherlands.”