Secondment at UKK – E. Andres Sastre

As part of my project, I performed a short stay with our CarBon partner at the University of Cologne (UKK) from the 24th to the 28th of April, 2017. The aim of this secondment was twofold. On the one hand, to gain more experience with the techniques that are routinely used at UKK in order to bring that technology to our laboratories in Rotterdam. On the other hand, to strategically define our terms of collaboration inside our consortium.

Thanks to this experience, I learned how to carry out the production of a recombinant protein. This included all the steps of gene transfection, selection, overexpression, purification and quality control. Furthermore, I also learned how to perform an ELISA for protein-protein interaction assay with the proteins we produced. Moreover, I had the chance to see the facilities of the UKK and to discuss how our projects could complement each other in order to better optimise efforts and resources. I presented my first results and plans to date and got very valuable feedback to effectively plan my research. Finally, in my free time I had the opportunity to socialise with other people from the laboratory and to discover some of the most beautiful places of Cologne. For all of this, my overall experience there was very enriching and satisfying and I feel I managed to make the most of the opportunity.