Prof. dr. Gerjo van Osch left last November for a challenging international experience. She is (temporarily) back to pipets and samples and she loves it. Here she tells us more about it:

I am doing a secondment! In the framework and with support of the Rubicon project, a Marie Sklodowska Curie staff exchange network, I am working in Hong Kong in the laboratory of Professor Danny Chan, for 3 months. It is great that the EU allowed me, a (relatively) senior researcher, to do this. It is an incredible experience! Finding my way in the group, getting familiar with a new research topic and being exposed to another culture. I have made a plan for doing some experiments in the lab to investigate cell stress during tissue regeneration. A new model that I will use here is the planarian. Planarian are flat worms and they are wonderful creatures. They can regenerate large parts of their body within a few days. With excellent support of Sophia Ma, one of the postdocs in the lab, I am slowly getting back in the lab and handling pipets again. Apart from the experience in the lab, experiencing Hong Kong, the enormous number of sky scrapers, the many markets, the serene temples, the beautiful nature and beaches and of course the Dim Sum is unforgettable. Furthermore, I believe this experience will also help me to better support the ESRs doing secondments in the EU projects I coordinate.